All it takes for your business to get ahead is a lender with the right attitude.

All businesses aren’t created from the same mould, so why is it that the banks continue to push the same ‘off the shelf’ lending products? Or simply turn down businesses because their needs aren’t identical to their existing clients?

We know many business owners struggle with the traditional lending market, we see it every day.

We’re here to help.

We know that your business needs might differ to those of our other clients. Our 85 years of combined experience in banking and finance, coupled with access to over 50 lenders means we’re flexible, fast-acting and bursting with solutions.

That’s why we’ve been able to help so many business owners build a solid foundation for their business with lending solutions they can’t find elsewhere, or simply didn’t know existed.

It shouldn’t be your job to know the lending world inside and out – that’s ours. And we’re happy to share that expertise and experience with you, regardless of how large, small, niche or individual your business may be.

We’ll find you a solution, lead you through the application process and ensure everything we offer is tailored to your business’ present and future needs as your capital requirements evolve over time.

So if this sounds like the attitude you’ve been looking for, call Bayside Mortgages now on 02 4423 6660.

Short Term Loans

Need to lock in a short term loan (1-12 months) but aren’t able to wait months for access to funds?

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Specialised Property Finance

From hospitality venues to childcare centres and everything in between, we have solutions tailored to the operating requirements of every imaginable kind of property.

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Second Mortgages

For many businesses, a second mortgage can help get them over the finish line when the original lender isn’t prepared to step up to the plate.

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Bridging Finance

Solve your cash flow problem with our access to fast approvals and competitive rates. 

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Residential Home Loans

Think you’ve exhausted every possibility for your financial situation? We’re happy to tell you otherwise.

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Private Mortgages

Property finance where you aren’t limited by options. Bayside Mortgages is your gateway to the private mortgage market.

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Mezzanine Finance

A specialised approach to increasing your borrowing cap, without the obstacles presented by traditional construction finance options.

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