Don’t let opportunities pass you by.

Bridging finance is just that – a bridge from where you are, to where you need to be.

A bridging loan is most commonly employed during the process of selling an existing property in order to the cover the equity on a new property purchase.

This interim period can be a stressful headache for many, and many find themselves in the position of missing out on their new property, simply because the sale of their previous assets is not finalised in time, or is delayed for any number of legitimate reasons.

However, with bridging finance you can rest easy knowing that lenders are able to cover the amount with a short-term loan.

Bridging finance generally uses the property as security for the loan, with the lender providing funding based on their assessment that the original asset will sell quickly.

The result is a timely, efficient loan that can make transitioning between properties a stress-free exercise. At Bayside Mortgages we have access to a wide range of bridging financing options, with many available on an interest-only basis for up to 12 months.

We consider each client’s needs as unique, and you’ll soon see the difference between the Bayside Mortgages approach and that of a major bank.

So call 02 4423 6660 to see how our fast turnarounds and competitive rates can make your investment a smooth one.