Private mortgage lenders are out there – all you need is an introduction.

Over the years, Bayside Mortgages has cultivated an expansive network of genuine, interested lenders who are ready to provide finance for a whole host of property-based projects.

Private mortgage funds are your opportunity to secure finance for investment properties (including owner-occupied cases), construction projects, commercial properties and subdivision loans.

From proposal preparation, all the way through to final settlement, Bayside Mortgages is able to guide your property project from vision through to completion.

We access the majority of the private mortgage market, meaning that we’re never short of options, regardless of your individual situation.

You can trust Bayside Mortgages and our lender network to assist you in the following situations:

  • Situations requiring urgent settlement on finances
  • Solving cash flow headaches
  • Securing finance despite poor credit history and defaults
  • Arrears on existing loans
  • ATO debts requiring immediate payment
  • Existing lenders pursuing an exit
  • A construction project remains incomplete, with the existing lender unwilling or unable to fund its completion
  • You’re living overseas and are unable to demonstrate how to locally service the facility
  • Financial data is unavailable
  • The security property is complicated or specialised in nature
  • The investment property is remotely located or hard to access
  • Receivers are pending appointment

At Bayside Mortgages, we’re dedicated to providing you with real, viable options. So to investigate how a private mortgage can help you, call us today on 02 4423 6660.