More residential loan options than you ever knew existed.

We pride ourselves on being to offer more than the competition. So when you meet with Bayside Mortgages, you’re gaining access to hundreds of traditional and non-bank lenders products.

Flexibility, understanding and speed – that’s what we strive for with every residential home loan client who comes to us in search of a solution.

We’ve spent decades building relationships with a range of lenders. Most notably, we’ve developed an extensive roster of non-bank lenders, as these private institutions understand the needs of home owners and are thus willing to be more flexible than any bank.

What does this mean for you in real terms? It means that your cash flow issues, poor credit history, previous defaults and even a lack of business history may not put you at a disadvantage.

Our clients enjoy being treated as equals, regardless of the scenario:

  • Extra-large home loans ($2m and greater)
  • Complex structures including ownership by multiple companies and trusts
  • Complex ‘big picture’ income analysis
  • Structured financing
  • Situations requiring non-conforming and ‘out of the box’ finance solutions
  • Residential properties with DA approval
  • Loans for vacant land

To be treated with a ‘can do’ attitude, call Bayside Mortgages on 02 4423 6660.