Development finance that adapts to each new property

At Bayside Mortgages we are true believers in addressing each new property development as a unique project with its own particular set of circumstances. This approach is coupled with our unrivalled access to over 50 lenders, encompassing traditional banks and private lenders, offering 100’s of products.

This means that we possess both the mindset and resources to take on each new property development with a view to structuring the best possible finance solution for our clients.

It’s the way we’ve always approached property development, and our diverse client base across residential, commercial, office, industrial, tourism and more, speaks to our success in this highly competitive industry.

At Bayside Mortgages, you can expect to benefit from the following options and services:

  • No burden of pre-sales on construction finance
  • Senior facilities of up to 70% of gross realisation values (GRV)
  • Commercial property loans of up to 80% loan to value ration (LVR)
  • A network of willing and reliable joint venture partners
  • Mezzanine finance and preferred equity facilities
  • Development management services
  • Expertise in land subdivisions
  • Land bank strategies
  • Take out/residual stock finance
  • Solutions for urgent refinancing and cash flow issues

This tailored approach is only made possible due to our ability to recognise the intrinsic value of each financing strategy in relation to your individual project.

For example, perhaps your property could benefit from a full doc finance facility, enjoying some of the most competitive interest rates on the market from the country’s biggest lenders.

But there are instances where a low doc facility approach is more suitable; for example if the pre-sale benchmarks of the big banks have not been met, or financials are not aligned with their requirements. Low doc development finance allows for property developments to begin construction via loans arranged with private lenders who don’t require the same suffocating requirements of major banks and other financial situations.

Regardless of the situation, we will deliver the best possible finance facility available for your project, so call 02 4423 6660 and find out exactly what possibilities exist for your venture.