Land subdivision loans that deliver the outcome you need.

The options for subdividing a property or a piece of land can range from a two way split, all the way up to hundreds, or even thousands, of lots.

Regardless of the size of the subdivision, you need to ensure your project is being looked after by an expert in the field – one that can anticipate both issues and opportunities before they arise, such as the need to address crucial infrastructure, the best way to package land for sale or even issues with re-zoning a particular lot.

At Bayside Mortgages we offer land subdivision loans in two forms: cost-based (commonly referred to as ‘full doc’) and gross realisation value-based (low doc). Low doc GRV loans typically come from one of our many private, non-bank lenders and can be a welcome alternative from the traditional full doc approach with the major banks.

The most important thing is for you to know what your options are so you can make an informed decision. And no one is better equipped to help you with this process than Bayside Mortgages.

So call today on 02 4423 6660 to let your subdivision reach its full potential.